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2021 Home Buyer Tips

Be Available

The average time spent on the market in the GTA is no longer than two weeks right now. In order to gain a competitive advantage on the choices available, it's important that you stay available. Things happen quickly, and your agent has your best interests. Staying in touch with them will help the process move smoothly.

Do the Virtual Showings

Like being ready with your questions, doing your research will save time in the decision making process. Knowing the questions before hand will help you narrow down exactly what you want, and the best way to do that is to get acquainted with the space beforehand. Some ways to do this during the Provincial Wide Lockdown, are to contact your agent for virtual showings, or get in touch about doing a video tour.

Do Your Research

Making the smartest decision for you, comes from you first. It's smart to find an agent or page to follow that provides valuable insights aligned with what you're looking for. Check out @michellebaileyhomes on Instagram for weekly updates and need-to-knows on the housing market.

Work with a Professional

Equipping yourself with the knowledge is a great place to start - but to make the process easier I recommend working with an agent. A real estate agent can bring both experience and a wider set of expertise to the process and can often make the difference between uncertainty and peace of mind. Contact me today to learn more about buying your next home, at

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