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2021 Tips for Home Staging

Keep it Clean

Remember - less is more. Clean open space shows the space's potential and allows the buyer to fill the space in with their own ideas. It also creates a clean feeling which is important to any showing experience.

Keep it Modern and Classic

When in doubt, a classic modern look is bound to please everyone. Although quirky homes are beautiful, you don't necessarily know for sure that your clients will relate to the decor. Classic modern decor is a people pleaser - something reliable you can count on to look good.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

There's something about buying a brand new article of clothing - the way the fabric and smell is different when it's right from the store. Homebuyers feel the same way - there is something comforting about knowing their space has had the "refresh" button hit. Hiring a professional cleaner is important in making buyers feel the space is as clean as it can be.

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