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Home Buying During A Lockdown

Can I still buy a home during lockdown?

Can I leave my house? How long does the lockdown last? Can I keep shopping for a home? Some of the many questions homebuyers are asking during these times - and likely among several more.

Buying a home, if not already, can be difficult in a pandemic. The short answer, is yes you can still buy a home! Here are some of the way agents are making it easier for homebuyers, and some of the ways that I am more than happy to help you search out your dream luxury house. See below for details!

MLS 360 Tour

I encourage all of my clients to take a look at the virtual tour offered on the MLS listing to narrow their search. Once they’ve found some houses that we know meet the criteria, we can start with the virtual Pre-Check and Viewings.

Virtual Pre-Check

I offer the option to pre-check homes on Facetime, or through video. Many clients prefer to be on facetime to ensure they’re able to spend however long necessary to analyze certain details. By having this interaction, clients can be sure what they’re seeing matches the pictures from the safety of their own home.

Virtual Showings

Similar to the pre-check, I am happy to walk my clients through virtual showing via video or Facetime depending on their availability. Some clients prefer to be more hands on in the process, but what’s important is that whatever makes you comfortable - is how we will proceed.

Contact an Agent

By having a professional walk you through the process, daunting aspects of homebuying are minimized. Create an experience to remember by working with an agent you trust. Contact

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